How to make your spouse happy


How do you feel when you find your love? After entering a marriage, many men may slowly feel that their partner is no longer as good to themselves as they used to be, and even always inexplicably angry or in a bad mood, and they do not know why. This is normal, probably because you didn’t fully understand your partner before you got married. There will always be some tempers and dispositions that you don’t know, which may cause you to accidentally touch them in some places. The anger of his partner, men also need to constantly improve their talents in marriage, in order to gain favorability and satisfaction of his wife, but also to learn some love suggestions for managing marriage.

1. Increase the number of dating with your partner.

When many men are in love with their partner, they can do a good job and often get the love of dating partners. When they like their partner enough and want her to be with her for a lifetime, the men usually have a very serious attitude towards dating, so it will be easy to attract your partner, and it will keep everyone happy for a long time. But when you form a real partner and get along in a marriage relationship, you may think that the marriage life is not as simple as you think, and love is only a small part of the marriage, increasing the number of couples dating, and between partners talking intimately can help you maintain a good marriage relationship and can make your partner more satisfied with you.

2. Meet your partner's requirements.

In marriage, men usually dominate the family,and women need men to rely on them. Men need to meet their women's requirements and conditions as much as possible, so that women can get more satisfaction, and they also make women feel happier, because they will feel that you care about her.

3. Value your marital relationship.

Everyone will have many friends around them, but in a marriage relationship, you should treat your spouse as the most important person around you, because she is not only your dating partner, but more likely to accompany you throughout your life love, maybe you not only had a romantic candlelight dinner, but also enjoyed the most passionate couple date together.

4. Keep communicating.

In marriage relationships, especially when your marriage is in crisis, communication is the most important. Only timely communication can save your marriage. If both parties remain silent, you will only end up sending your own marriage to the grave.

5. Be honest with your partner.

Even if you don’t like your partner in the end, or you want to find a third partner to join you, and you want to experience the fun of 3somes dating, you should not hide your spouse from these ideas, but you should be honest with your spouse. To tell her your truest thoughts, maybe she will also be moved by your honesty, thank you for being so honest with her, and finally agree with you to find a threesome partner.