How to own your 3some


Many people should have thought about threesomes before they actually tried them, but most of them may suddenly have this idea at a certain moment, and then quickly forget it. Maybe you wonder what three some can do? There are many things that three some can do. They can be romantic together and share each other's private space together. 3some dating is something that many men now dream of. When you don’t believe you can find a threesome, you can think about your life and your life in your free time, and then look at the lives of those three, and compare what kind of life you prefer ?It's normal that if you prefer the life of a threesome, because this is the type most people would prefer. But if you want to be a threesome, you need to learn and keep in mind some important things, because they can help you realize your 3some dream.

1.Get out of your life and enter the world of girls. Men usually see that two girls are very friendly together, and they may feel a little surprised. If the two girls had sparks of love before, the men couldn’t believe it, and they would even lose some calmness. Because they feel that they are excluded, generally such women tend to be labeled with a slutty label. In fact, this is not the case. You just don't know these women. Such women are generally very willing to join the 3some. As long as you have the courage to enter their world, you can easily seduce them into your bedroom and persuade the two girls to share the night and excitement with you.

2. Don't force girls to do something. Men are generally used to people who issue orders, but not all girls like this man. Some women may not listen to you if you try to force him to do something. Most men when they tried the 3some and encountered failure, often because they couldn't grasp the personality of the girls well. Women need temptation,so you can play with them, but you cannot command them. If you want to successfully meet the women, you better not let those things happen, you should focus on how to make the relationship between the three of you better, only when the three can chat happily together and the atmosphere is harmonious , then you have the chance to meet a threesome you really like.

3. Keep yourself a little mysterious. When something happens to your two girls, don't rush to give your answer, let them guess what you think, you can think of ways to make them laugh for your mystery and happy so that you can make it easier for the two girls to maintain a good relationship in your bedroom, and also make you feel more happy. Proper mystery can help you flirt and improve the relationship between the three feelings.

4. Make some fun threesome games. Instead of forcing girls to do what they do n’t want to do, it ’s better to play some three-player games, but you can’t get angry because the two of them partner to tease you. Of course, you can also make fun of them properly. One way of relationship between people is not to be too authentic, rigid or serious when playing games. Games can also inspire the three of you to excite each other.

If the three of you are full of joy and fun, then you will successfully have a threesome. A 3some dating will make you have a better life and time. If you meet, it means that you succeeded. Next, you need to take good care of your threesome relationship life.